Sorry, You're Not My 'Type'

Are we influenced by Society or are we CONTROLLED? 

This post is based off of a discussion I had earlier that had me scratching my head. You see, we all try to be 'original,' but being 'original' nowadays is cliche, therefore, there is no originality. Society has created types and no matter how different you may 'think' you are, you ALWAYS fall in to some category.

I understand humans are intellectual, have psychological depth, and are not two dimensional. 

BUT, let's look at this from an abstract perspective. Bear with me:

As we grow older we start to figure out, or attempt to figure out, the 'type' of person we are. So we choose the clothes we like, the music, our friends, etc. It's not as if 'WE' truly decided who we wanted to be, society sort of molded us in that way. We are influenced by artists, celebrities, writers, our parents, friends, yadayada- and these people are influenced by other people or things. We shape ourselves to be the person we need to be, or even want to be at that moment. But is this a way of Society controlling us? It may not be intentional or even something you think about because it comes so naturally. We have been born in to this Society and abide by the rules subconciously. Even criminals and killers follow the rules of their 'type' in Society. And this goes way back to the beginning of time, I suppose.

So my question still stands: Are we controlled by the Society around us or are we just influenced?

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Why You Shouldn't Watch A Movie Based On A Book

I consider this to be one of the greatest fails of all time! If you are dedicated to literature, there should be no need for a movie. 

The rule is: If you read a book before watching the movie, DON'T watch the movie. 

Books are so powerful. A couple of words on a piece of paper can stimulate your mind, work up your imagination, and create thought. Unlike movies, you accept what is presented in front of you. [IMAGINATION IS NOT INCLUDEDWhere is the fun in that?

I have read 'The Kite Runner', written by Khaled Hosseini, with no intentions of watching the movie. Due to a boring Sunday night, I found myself face to face with the characters I had just read in the book, but not quite the same. You see, you paint this image in your mind of how each character looks, interacts and the location the book is set in. When you watch the movie, you are erasing the image you created and have replaced it with a knockoff version of the book. I was highly disappointed with the outcome of the movie which seemed completely off, and valuable details that made up the beauty of the story were put aside, just like that.

Moral of the Story:

Movies do not give the book any justification due to a limit of an hour or so and having to cut certain parts and details you may find important. There is no time limit on reading a book. You read at your own pace and take in every detail the author wanted you to take in. 

If you have already watched a movie based on a book, GO READ THE BOOK! The story is much more valuable on paper than it is on screen. 

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Surviving A Bad Breakup With Your Book

You turn over that last page in your book and you think to yourself, "What do I do with my life now?" Your book has just broken up with you and has left you there feeling used after many intimate nights together. The past couple of weeks seemed great and all was going well but then, that last page was turned, and it was over.

We become so invested in a book- the characters, the plot, the story. We create this emotional relationship with each character and begin to feel what they feel. But what happens to them when the story is over? What happens to us?

Here are 5 Steps in Surviving a Bad Breakup:

Sure, sitting at home sipping on wine and crying may seem like the right thing to do at that moment, but keep in mind, your book has already gotten over it.

1. Accept the Ending- You need to come to terms with what you have just read. Books are very much like life, filled with unanswered questions and various cliffhangers. They leave you hungry and wanting more. But you can't change what has already been written. Put your book on the shelf and walk away. And when you finally realize that this is the end and nothing else can be done, you will be able to move to the next step in your grieving process.

2. Find Closure with the Characters- They still live within us. Characters are what the authors create but 'WE' are what makes them come alive. We decide what they look like in our heads: their features, personality, what they wear, etc. So after 200 or so pages I believe the character has the right to Rest In Peace. Accept the relationship you have established with the characters and close that chapter in your life.

3. Talk About It- Join some forums! The book technically doesn't need to end right then and there. Many people are going through what you are going through and are just as curious. Go find some forums to be a part of it and see if any of your questions have been answered. Clearly, your book has gotten around and has a different type of relationship with each reader. You are not alone.

4. Try Speed Dating- Jump in to your next book. Start doing your research and set up dates with other books. The beauty of e-books is that you are able to obtain a free trial of the first couple of chapters, which will allow you to see if you would want to pursue the relationship. Or, stick to print books and read the small summary on the back/inside sleeve. Try to not compare your new book with your old. Out of thousands of books, you are bound to find one that is right for you.

5. Moving On- It's ok to move on. Your ex-book has already moved on into the hands of another reader. So grab a better book and keep it moving.

Breakups are never easy, but once you have put your old book aside you allow new books the opportunity to come right in! The best part about your book is that it will be there if you want to give the relationship a second shot!

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Give Your Writing A Butt Lift

Have Low Self-Esteem?
Worried about what others think?
Dreading to sit and revise your flaws?

This calls for a Cosmetic intervention to your writing. We find ourselves with a rough draft or outline and wonder how we can be satisfied with the final piece. Well, simple, you throw it under the knife. Lay it down on a surgical table, inspect what needs to be enhanced, draw lines where changes must be made, and stitch up the loose ends.


BOTOX- The INTRODUCTION. If your intro is not appealing, nothing else matters. You need a solid intro that will interest the readers and want them to pursue your writing. So inject some BOTOX in to your intro and smooth out the wrinkles.

BREAST IMPLANTS- The BODY. The body is where all the content of your writing is stored. It is your 'TEMPLE.' The more content, the more opportunity the reader has to be drawn in to your story. Strip away the shirt and throw in some implants! Double D's means Double the Details!

BUTT LIFT- The CONCLUSION. The conclusion MUST be as strong or even stronger than your intro and your body. This will sum up your story and leave your readers wanting more. It is essential to have a lifted ending rather than a saggy closing. Get that butt lift to give people something to talk about.


TUMMY TUCK- When revising, it is best to either cut or tuck any unnecessary details in your writing. Excess fat will take away from your perfect silhouette.


Stitch up the loose ends and let your writing heal.

Skyping With Your Book

Bring back the old and toss out the new. Technology seems to be taking over our homes, schools, jobs, and now our BOOKS! The constant battle between e-books and print books, 'What to do?' Our whole literary library is now sorted out in one location in the palm of our hands. But does this take away from the authenticity of the story?

Let's take a look at the RELATIONSHIP:

Before you settle on a book you do some research to make sure this is the best fit for you.

You find qualities that interest you such as genre, author, and style.

Once you are sure of your decision, you do the big MEET & GREET.

So you go to the book store and come face to face with the prospective book that you will be 'dating' the next week or so.

You are attracted to it's brief summary which is what is on the inside, but you are also very much attracted to its cover, its outer beauty.

You settle and take the relationship to the next level: YOU TAKE IT HOME.

You have long nights together of endless reading, take the train or bus together to work, and even sneak some one on one time during lunch.

But your book has to go on vacation and leaves an envelope with a pdf. file to keep in touch.

Every now and then you Skype with your book but tend to get distracted by apps, social media, and games.

Your book starts to feel lonely, and you start to drift becoming less interested.

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain.

It all boils down to personal preference. But look at your relationship from an outside perspective and see if a long distance relationship is satisfying enough for you.

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The Big Escape

Rising Water by goodnight_photography
Academic Writing is consistently drilled in our heads throughout all the years we attend school. "Use correct grammar, punctuation, sentence/paragraph structure, yada yada." But when it comes to "Creative Writing," punctuation takes away from the creativity and the creative process. Do we honestly think in punctuation and sentence structures? Do we put  periods and question marks in our minds as we speak? We focus on being grammatically correct on paper and lose our train of thought and wind up with a properly formed sentence with a forgotten story behind it. So here is a tip:

Write a story or paragraph and break free from any Academic Writing. Write as though your mind has opened and spilled itself on the paper. It may not make sense and it may look messy, but when looking at it from a creative perspective, you have created a work of art.

SO ...

  • Jumble your words and form new sentences
  • Cut and paste and mix around paragraphs
  • Flip your story from ending to beginning
  • Create ONE word/sentence paragraphs for greater impact
  • Focus on the form and shape of your paragraph rather than the proper content in it
  • Mix in some quotes or lyrics
  • Add images to make a more visual aspect of your work
Escape from the proper way of living and let your mind wonder. 

Rising Water, a photo by goodnight_photography on Flickr.

Is Your Brain Feeling Gassy?

Brain Fart. This is when you feel as if you have a good idea traveling to your brain and it poofs into nothingness. You know you want to write something, you feel like you want to write something, but you come out empty. It's like when you think you have a good idea and you go to write it and wind up with 20 minutes of staring at a blank screen wondering why you were sitting there in the first place. It's not easy taking the summer off and finally stimulating your mind to work again. The only things I've been thinking about lately is:
  • What should I eat for breakfast?
  • What should I eat for lunch?
  • Dinner?
and I do not believe writing about being indecisive about food would be that interesting to read. Although, we all go through it. But the main question here is: How do we bring our minds back from vacation?


Maybe sitting in a peaceful space with your eyes closed to quiet the mind. My mind is always racing with a million thoughts and it's not like we have a personal assistant to jot down everything we think. We probably say, "I'll remember that for later," a million times a day and wind up scratching our heads thinking, "What was I thinking of before?" So maybe if we just allow ourselves to relax and allow the mind to work on its own, we would be able to climb that wall that is blocking our view to creativity.


My FAVORITE. Sitting with a piece of paper and jotting down:
  • Important people in our lives
  • Important events
  • Achievements
  • Funny/Sad moments
  • etc...
and going through the list and seeing what stands out. Which item on your list touches you in a way that causes you to reflect and want to tell the story again. 


Everyone is on Social Media now a days so why not go through your tagged images and remember the moment in that photo. Or, even old images you may have lying around that you can create a story around. I found inspiration once in an image of my father's birthday and him blowing out the candles. It was as if I were transposed into the moment and reliving it all over again.


Reading can always spark inspiration. Good books always find a way to touch your heart and cause you to reflect on your own life. You think about similar moments you have read about or people you may know that relate a lot to a character in the book. 


I have learned to immediately jot down a thought, even if it is small. You can always look back at it later and create something big out of it. Each story has a story behind the story!
Summer is almost over and it is time to put our brains back to work! It's not easy coming back from a long vacation but our creative minds will work again if we wake them up.

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