Sorry, You're Not My 'Type'

Are we influenced by Society or are we CONTROLLED? 

This post is based off of a discussion I had earlier that had me scratching my head. You see, we all try to be 'original,' but being 'original' nowadays is cliche, therefore, there is no originality. Society has created types and no matter how different you may 'think' you are, you ALWAYS fall in to some category.

I understand humans are intellectual, have psychological depth, and are not two dimensional. 

BUT, let's look at this from an abstract perspective. Bear with me:

As we grow older we start to figure out, or attempt to figure out, the 'type' of person we are. So we choose the clothes we like, the music, our friends, etc. It's not as if 'WE' truly decided who we wanted to be, society sort of molded us in that way. We are influenced by artists, celebrities, writers, our parents, friends, yadayada- and these people are influenced by other people or things. We shape ourselves to be the person we need to be, or even want to be at that moment. But is this a way of Society controlling us? It may not be intentional or even something you think about because it comes so naturally. We have been born in to this Society and abide by the rules subconciously. Even criminals and killers follow the rules of their 'type' in Society. And this goes way back to the beginning of time, I suppose.

So my question still stands: Are we controlled by the Society around us or are we just influenced?

{Image by Tracheotomy Bob}

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  1. Its like the old idea of how anarchists try to get together and form rallies.... The minute they do, they are no longer anarchists.

    The best way to answer the question is just by saying, "We aren't controlled per say, but to exist in society we must conform here and there." We can resist influences, we can resist 'control,' but at the end of the day we can't go too far out of the borders and constraints.