The Big Escape

Rising Water by goodnight_photography
Academic Writing is consistently drilled in our heads throughout all the years we attend school. "Use correct grammar, punctuation, sentence/paragraph structure, yada yada." But when it comes to "Creative Writing," punctuation takes away from the creativity and the creative process. Do we honestly think in punctuation and sentence structures? Do we put  periods and question marks in our minds as we speak? We focus on being grammatically correct on paper and lose our train of thought and wind up with a properly formed sentence with a forgotten story behind it. So here is a tip:

Write a story or paragraph and break free from any Academic Writing. Write as though your mind has opened and spilled itself on the paper. It may not make sense and it may look messy, but when looking at it from a creative perspective, you have created a work of art.

SO ...

  • Jumble your words and form new sentences
  • Cut and paste and mix around paragraphs
  • Flip your story from ending to beginning
  • Create ONE word/sentence paragraphs for greater impact
  • Focus on the form and shape of your paragraph rather than the proper content in it
  • Mix in some quotes or lyrics
  • Add images to make a more visual aspect of your work
Escape from the proper way of living and let your mind wonder. 

Rising Water, a photo by goodnight_photography on Flickr.

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