Surviving A Bad Breakup With Your Book

You turn over that last page in your book and you think to yourself, "What do I do with my life now?" Your book has just broken up with you and has left you there feeling used after many intimate nights together. The past couple of weeks seemed great and all was going well but then, that last page was turned, and it was over.

We become so invested in a book- the characters, the plot, the story. We create this emotional relationship with each character and begin to feel what they feel. But what happens to them when the story is over? What happens to us?

Here are 5 Steps in Surviving a Bad Breakup:

Sure, sitting at home sipping on wine and crying may seem like the right thing to do at that moment, but keep in mind, your book has already gotten over it.

1. Accept the Ending- You need to come to terms with what you have just read. Books are very much like life, filled with unanswered questions and various cliffhangers. They leave you hungry and wanting more. But you can't change what has already been written. Put your book on the shelf and walk away. And when you finally realize that this is the end and nothing else can be done, you will be able to move to the next step in your grieving process.

2. Find Closure with the Characters- They still live within us. Characters are what the authors create but 'WE' are what makes them come alive. We decide what they look like in our heads: their features, personality, what they wear, etc. So after 200 or so pages I believe the character has the right to Rest In Peace. Accept the relationship you have established with the characters and close that chapter in your life.

3. Talk About It- Join some forums! The book technically doesn't need to end right then and there. Many people are going through what you are going through and are just as curious. Go find some forums to be a part of it and see if any of your questions have been answered. Clearly, your book has gotten around and has a different type of relationship with each reader. You are not alone.

4. Try Speed Dating- Jump in to your next book. Start doing your research and set up dates with other books. The beauty of e-books is that you are able to obtain a free trial of the first couple of chapters, which will allow you to see if you would want to pursue the relationship. Or, stick to print books and read the small summary on the back/inside sleeve. Try to not compare your new book with your old. Out of thousands of books, you are bound to find one that is right for you.

5. Moving On- It's ok to move on. Your ex-book has already moved on into the hands of another reader. So grab a better book and keep it moving.

Breakups are never easy, but once you have put your old book aside you allow new books the opportunity to come right in! The best part about your book is that it will be there if you want to give the relationship a second shot!

{Image by ShellyS}