Is Your Brain Feeling Gassy?

Brain Fart. This is when you feel as if you have a good idea traveling to your brain and it poofs into nothingness. You know you want to write something, you feel like you want to write something, but you come out empty. It's like when you think you have a good idea and you go to write it and wind up with 20 minutes of staring at a blank screen wondering why you were sitting there in the first place. It's not easy taking the summer off and finally stimulating your mind to work again. The only things I've been thinking about lately is:
  • What should I eat for breakfast?
  • What should I eat for lunch?
  • Dinner?
and I do not believe writing about being indecisive about food would be that interesting to read. Although, we all go through it. But the main question here is: How do we bring our minds back from vacation?


Maybe sitting in a peaceful space with your eyes closed to quiet the mind. My mind is always racing with a million thoughts and it's not like we have a personal assistant to jot down everything we think. We probably say, "I'll remember that for later," a million times a day and wind up scratching our heads thinking, "What was I thinking of before?" So maybe if we just allow ourselves to relax and allow the mind to work on its own, we would be able to climb that wall that is blocking our view to creativity.


My FAVORITE. Sitting with a piece of paper and jotting down:
  • Important people in our lives
  • Important events
  • Achievements
  • Funny/Sad moments
  • etc...
and going through the list and seeing what stands out. Which item on your list touches you in a way that causes you to reflect and want to tell the story again. 


Everyone is on Social Media now a days so why not go through your tagged images and remember the moment in that photo. Or, even old images you may have lying around that you can create a story around. I found inspiration once in an image of my father's birthday and him blowing out the candles. It was as if I were transposed into the moment and reliving it all over again.


Reading can always spark inspiration. Good books always find a way to touch your heart and cause you to reflect on your own life. You think about similar moments you have read about or people you may know that relate a lot to a character in the book. 


I have learned to immediately jot down a thought, even if it is small. You can always look back at it later and create something big out of it. Each story has a story behind the story!
Summer is almost over and it is time to put our brains back to work! It's not easy coming back from a long vacation but our creative minds will work again if we wake them up.

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  1. I think when you have a brain fart, it allows you to create. I have a theory about that, it may not be true but I do believe life is like a beat. When you go to sleep and wake up, there is pattern, a beat that you follow. You wake up on the right side every morning, or your routine has a slight switch, or everything you do is completely different; even your tone might have a different pitch. These are the moments life changes it's rhythm and sometimes, we catch ourselves still dancing on the old beat, I think this is why brain farts are born and why we can use them; it might be the bridge to viewing something differently. It's a thought I've been playing with. lol