Close of Business

Sing Hing restaurant on the corner of Lorimer
A laundromat away from Pho
A $10 combo ticket to Asia
Tide mixed with Bounty and a side of fried rice
The delivery guy comes back
From biking around Brooklyn
With his screechy breaks
A gym membership that pays him.
And the bike is at it again
Screeching away making its next delivery
Engines starting and horns honking and cars whooshing by.
A bus claims it's Not In Service but it looks fine to me.
Walked over gum all over the concrete.
Years of gum etched in the cracks
Imagine how much shit the street knows?
Mmm cigarette smoke.
A very old Buick
Duck taped to death, surprised it's still kicking.
A woman hailing a cab
Her arm must be killing her
I don't even think she knows
Because she's indulged in her phone
That arm must be killing her too.
A crushed french fry.
I wonder if it's from Sing Hing on the corner or from Pho
Certainly not from the laundromat
Or maybe.
But back to the crushed, stepped on fry
A birds dinner.
I better step away before I become dinner too.
It's raining
No umbrella, no bus, no fry.
Guy pulls up in his car with a huge dent on his back door.
Excuse me sir you double parked in front of the bus stop.
Is that not in service too?
A dog with a little jump to his step flops his ears around
A bunch of garbage bags become a urinal
He out pees the last dog
And then out pees himself.
Sing Hing restaurant on the corner of Lorimer
A laundromat away from Pho
I wonder who out pees who?

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