The Evaporation of Love

We were different, we always were
We wanted the same things at different times
When we were different people
A constantly changing organism
Adapting to unfamiliar environments
But isn't that the cycle of life?
To adapt to the unknown
In order to survive?
And I did it,
To survive with you.
We kept running into brick walls of communication
Hurdling over clouds
Sinking into quick sand
A black hole of sorts sparked with our energy
Positive, negative
A combination of both
Sucking us into eternity
Into a possible end or beginning
I venture with numbness taking over
First in the tips of my fingers
Traveling inward
And lastly, my heart.
Another constant organism
Painfully changing it's beat
Until it's nothing but a whisper
Of what was.
We fell out
Two clear cut paths
And we let go watching each other walk away
Our love floating above us like bubbles
Pop, pop, pop
As sprinkles of us drizzle the path
Evaporating into the universe
Leaving marks of a distant past.

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