SuperEGO, SuperMAN, SuperYOU

We spend majority of our life complimenting others, "You look nice!" "Good Job!" "You're doing great!" YOU YOU YOU YOU! But, what about ME! Why is it so shunned upon to compliment yourself to others? It's not a matter of being cocky, arrogant, conceited, egotistical, blah blah blah. All these negative words for such a beautiful thing. It's ok to love yourself and it should be ok to let the world know! People deserve the right to know how great we are. Although, it is good for them to see it for themselves, but people are too quick to pass judgement, so why not steer them in the right direction of how fantastic we could be.

We see people show off their relationships on social media, posting pictures and statuses. So let's make a change and do a status update that says, "I LOVE ME!"

My Short "COCKY" Story (No Pun Intended):

I recently started running in early June due to boredom. After making it a consistent hobby, I decided to do something with it. So, in early July I registered for the New York Road Runners. After learning about their 9+1 Program (9 races + 1 volunteering = GUARANTEED ENTRY INTO THE NYC MARATHON 2014), my heart was set. This past Sunday I ran my very first Half Marathon and I felt fantastic. I just wanted to tell the world how much of the SH!$ I was! I mean how many people can run 13.1 miles! Well, I have 4 more races to go to secure my spot. And you better believe I will be far from humble and let the whole world know of my great success, simply because I am motivated, inspiring, and freakin' awesome!

Nothing is worse than achieving something great and having to constantly think in the back of your mind to 'humble' yourself so that others do not find you to be cocky.

It is time to de-humble ourselves and be assertive, proud, and showy.

{'Superman' Image by Greenog}


  1. Andrea, congratulations! You've made an amazing amount of progress in such a short time.

  2. I couldn't agree more, hate those people who always say "Oh, it's nothing!" when you compliment them on their work. What are you guys, flicking superheroes so nothing you accomplish is worthy enogh? I'm very proud of what I achieved so far and think anyone should be. BTW. congratulations on your running achievement, I don't think I could run that much even if my life would depend on it :)