Cheating On Your Partner With Your Writing

I had to prepare an essay for a writing class I was in. I attempted to step out of my comfort zone and go for a more humorous approach, rather than the typical sobby, sad, heartfelt story. It was something new, fun and mysterious. But I found myself struggling to find a purpose to my paper. There I was, hammering a moral which went something like this: "And this is the reason why blah blah blah." So there was obviously something missing, and the point was not coming across in my writing. But something kept drawing me in and want to continue at this dead end. The paper was due and I had run out of ideas, and was too drained to write up a whole new story. This had become an ugly affair- a cheating frenzy with my writing. It was a guilty pleasure. And that was when I realized, I was cheating on my boyfriend.

Boyfriend: (In a happy tone) Hey!
Me: (Somberly) Hi.
Boyfriend: What's wrong?
Me: (Sighs) Nothing.
Boyfriend: Is everything ok?
Me: Yup.
Boyfriend: Are you sure?
Me: Yes. I just I have a lot on my mind. Can I call you when my head is clear?
Boyfriend: Ok?
Me: Bye.

So there he was, thinking I was possibly second guessing the relationship, that possibly the next phone call would be the last. This paper had seeped its way in to my head and I had let it destroy me and my relationship. I had to confess and let him know about this ongoing affair. Once, I was able to come to terms with it and lift that heavy load off my chest, I was finally able to invest my time in all the right places.

Not every story you write will be a success. It may sound good in your head, but gets lost in translation at the tip of the pen. Some papers are meant to be retired after the first draft. Don't let it taunt you, you can always go back to your writing and recycle your work. Take bits and pieces that may work in other writing or take a sentence/paragraph and expand it in to a new story. Regardless, be faithful to your partner, your writing, and most importantly yourself.

{"LUST" Image by alberto a.s.}
{"Sophocles" Image by Sean MacEntee}


  1. Glad you were able to patch things up with your boyfriend. Chekhov once referred to his writing as his mistress. So one can get pretty attached.